Testimonials An ICAOM Experience The very first semester at ICAOM, Randy Otaka, the instructor for the beginning Acu-Point class, assigned the students a paper.  This paper was to detail the reasons that the students had decided to study acupuncture.

From time to time, throughout the semester, students would read their papers to the entire class.  A woman from Vietnam reported that she had worked in a facility in her country where acupuncture was a primary treatment technique.  After seeing what Chinese medicine did for so many, she wanted to develop the knowledge and skills that would enable her to have such an effect on others.

A concert pianist recalled the days commuting to school with her father who was a physician.  With them in the car each day was a fully dressed skeleton, who provided the necessary "third party" for the car pool lanes.  That third party also served as model while her father taught her anatomy during their rides together.  The introduction to medicine that her father provided and her immersion in music later led her to study how she might assist others to develop more harmonious health.
The papers the students read revealed a wealth of diversity in background that had brought each of them together to be trained at ICAOM to become competent healers.

Alumni Overall ICAOM has been a great experience for me. (Laurel) Diversity of the expertise of instructors, good clinical program, flexibility of the administration, and loved learning from guest lectures is what I like about ICAOM. (Lib)
Students The willingness for the administration to help the students, the teachers is honest and promoted encouragement. (Kyle) The people, a well run clinic, and fast action when need are the strengths within ICAOM that I noticed (John)
Patient I have had a great empowering experience with the capable knowledgeable doctors at ICAOM and would recommend it to anyone. (Ian) My knees are so much better now and I can walk without the walker. It is a miracle after the acupuncture treatments. Recently, I can travel to Las Vegas and was able to enjoy my vacation. Thank you so much for helping me. (Norma).

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